Contouring Tutorial: Get The Heavy Jowls You've Always Wanted

Written By Polly Spain

Waiting until you’re 65 to sprout wrinkly, heavy, jowls, is simply too long. Instead of waiting years for the neck you’ve always wanted, try hopping aboard the contouring train.

If you’re anything like me, applying makeup does not come naturally, and creating seemingly flawless facial structure feels impossible. It seems like everyone else has the technique down to a science.

Though it may be an agonizing skill to develop, contouring really does enhance features you already have, and creates the illusion of ones you don’t. Unfortunately, I was cursed with a neck that would never stretch as much as I tried. I was surrounded by photos in the media of wonderfully wrinkly gizzards. I knew it was bad when  I looked at photos of turkeys and felt intense jealousy.

Inspiration for this tutorial was taken from Mr. Donald Trump. Despite being a horrible person, it’s hard not to notice and appreciate his jutting jawline.

For an easy, effortless droopy neck look, the following products were used:

1. Dying Droopy Effects Primer

2. Early Onset Wrinkles Aging Catalyst Bronzer

3. Bad Day Grey Pigment Highlighter

Firstly, take the Dying Droopy Effects Primer and lather underneath the jawline. Make an effort to vigorously pull on the skin lying directly underneath the chin.

Next, using a beauty blender, apply the Early Onset Wrinkles Aging Catalyst Bronzer in successive stripes starting from the jawline downward. This creates a contrast between light and dark skin, producing a wrinkle-heavy illusion at the forefront of the neck.


Finally, apply a ridiculous amount of Bad Day Grey Pigment Highlighter to your adams apple. Blend by scratching your neck way too fucking hard. Now you have perfect jowls.

This process may be painful the first time around, but with lots of practice you will have a low hanging neck that even Jack Nicholson would be jealous of!

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