Mattel Releases ‘Fraternal Romance’ Barbie in Response to Influx of Incest Porn

By Polly Spain, May 25th 2018

El Segundo, C.A. – As incest porn has become increasingly popular, Mattel has decided to release it’s line of sibling lovers in response to the marketing trend. Business development believes it is an excellent way to promote open mindedness in the young population.

Roger Bud, a 56 year old local Barbie enthusiast stated, “We didn’t have an angle to approach the ever changing free love demographic.  With the support of the fetish community we can really do something big here.”

Many industries are developing strategies to use incest porn popularity to gain traction. Porn Hub reported an increase of 1020% in sister-brother porn in 2017 alone. The adult site has since expressed it’s interest in promoting a business partnership for future endeavors.


Maybe next year we will even see the release of the rumored Anal Prolapse Barbie.

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