Refrigerator Tired of Running

by Polly Spain, May 12th 2018

REGINA, SASKACHEWAN – After 40 years of being on the run, Samsung X103 told reporters on Tuesday that he is ready to come home. “I just didn’t feel like a part of the Jones family anymore. No one ever tried to catch me,” said X103, as defrosted liquid slowly poured from his freezer. Walter Jones blamed X103 for the death of his dog Butch, who ate expired chicken that was in the care of the refrigerator.

After leaving Regina in the 1970’s, X103 moved to Northern Canada where he shortly felt like he belonged. “It was already so cold outside, no one needed a refrigerator. Families housed me because they truly wanted me there.” While life in the North was rewarding for X103, he slowly felt his unresolved issues with the Jones family bubbling to the surface.  “It’s time for me to go home and face my problems.”

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